Our Book: It's OK to Die™


"It's OK to Die™" is a ground-breaking book filled with graphic stories straight out of the Emergency Room illustrating how most Americans are completely unprepared for death and dying. In response, the authors have created a unique and comprehensive guide urging EVERYONE to prepare in advance, to assure their own peace and to prevent the suffering of their loved ones. In "It's OK to Die™" you will find a wealth of clear and simplified information including: insights into the process of dying, guidance for obtaining emotional and spiritual closure, clear explanations of end-of-life medical treatment options, new tools for making challenging medical decisions, and numerous other action steps to take so that when "your time" comes (and it will), it will be OK to die.

Finally, the book contains a call to the nation: to openly discuss death and dying in the public arena, to reconsider "how we die" in our culture, and for politicians to lay aside differences and pass legislation that will:

Reduce suffering among those approaching the end of life

Reduce depression and guilt among surviving family and friends

Reduce the federal and state budgets

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