How Death Changes the Living by Robert Jones

Tuesday, 25 Jun 2013 00:49

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Guest Blogger, Robert Jones, shares a brief, deeply personal story illustrating how death changes the living, how grief may become a vehicle for growth and how a legacy may become reinforced in the lives of survivors.

Dad’s body died on April 12, 2013.

I was able to visit him in hospice, and go over the six points in Dr. Murphys book, including “It’s ok to die”.  Although his speech was unclear due to a minor stroke years earlier, he replied with a clear “Thank you”.
I am finding myself weakened by his death, and yet changed.  I am changed in that my view of life is now more respectful, and accepting.
At the age of 95, Dad had a very accepting attitude toward life.  I remember telling him about some bad news headline.  His reply was, “There is always trouble.”
Death seems to reinforce adoption of all the good I experienced from Dad.  A little good here and there goes a long way toward improving the power of life for survivors.
I do not feel powerful at all, yet I know the power is there within my weakness.  My Dad’s death has made me more aware of where hope resides.  It resides not in bad headlines, but in the early morning sun reflecting off of roses covered in morning dew. It resides in the laughter of a child, and kindness toward all.

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~Robert Jones has survived many close calls, and the deaths of many close friends. Robert is a creative person who has done well in college English composition, and enjoys helping others in distress.
His current interests include studies at involving free courses in writing, history, and science.
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