Death Comes to the Physician, by James C. Thoroughman, MD 1904-1972

Monday, 04 Aug 2014 23:59

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The following image is a picture taken by Dr. Kevin Jackson. The quality of the photo has variations in clarity and color as it is a commemorative plaque hanging within the halls of the hospital in which Dr. Thoroughman practiced medicine. The engraving speaks for itself.




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4 thoughts on “Death Comes to the Physician, by James C. Thoroughman, MD 1904-1972

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  2. Rea

    Through the dense forest of negatives, into the light of eternity. Yes, forever barred! So there is a future time of relief when fear will no longer have a place. — “A single positive thought may have a wide spin-off effect.” — Building durable personal resources… Symptoms of wellness…in the very midst of illness.

  3. Paul D. Simmons

    Death has a very high batting average. Sooner or later we all strike out. Death loses no battles in the end. Or, as Scripture puts it: all people have an appointment with death. We do well to anticipate our death, prepare for it by getting our estate in order, let loved ones know our wishes regarding treatments in extremis and have our grave and funeral program planned ahead. Our prospective powers should combine with our introspective capacities to anticipate and plan details insofar as that is possible. Family should not be caught unprepared when our time runs out.

    1. Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy Post author

      Paul- Thanks for your eloquent insight and comments. I agree 100%. One of the few absolute public health statistics: 100% of the population is born and 100% will die. To the extent that we are able, both ends of life should be planned for and if possible, celebrated. You are invited to submit guest blog…I am mesmerized by your writing!


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