Planning Your Death
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We all die, whether expectedly or not. When we prepare for our own death in advance, we are able to relieve the decision-making burden on those whom w [ ... ]

Death of a Loved One
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You may have been asked to assist, or might have been put in charge of the end-of-life planning for another. That person may be a loved one or a fri [ ... ]

Someone Has Died
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When a person dies, someone is named to handle the funeral arrangements and/or estate matters. They are usually called "Executors" or & [ ... ]

Bucket List
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You have a secret list of things you really want to do in your lifetime. If you are nearing the end of your life, you clearly don't have as m [ ... ]







This website will take you to your state specific Advance Directive. Download this most important document and fill it out today. Don't forget to share copies with your family, healthcare proxy, and healthcare providers. Completing an Advance Directive also saves your family from struggling with guilt to make decisions for you should become unable to make decisions for yourself. Do this for your family's sake and for your own.


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Long time palliative care physician and advocate for improved end-of-life care, and a past president of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, provides written resources, as well as organizations, web sites and books to empower persons with life threatening illness and their families to live fully.



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There are many outlets/suppliers for caskets. We have conducted a search which list many suppliers. REMEMBER.....ALL funeral homes/mortuaries MUST accept delivery of any casket you buy on the internet. They are banned by Federal Law from charging any "handling fee" for accepting your "shipped in" casket.


CHARITIES  (alternatives instead of flowers.)

This linked website can assist you in selecting a charity that you could suggest be donated to in lieu of flowers at your funeral.




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Dying Into Love (video series)

Four Authorities Share What to Do Now To Create The Kind of Death You Want & How To Be of Service to Someone Who is Dying
  • We have all kinds of education – but what prepares us to deal with the death of a loved one or our own passing?
  • How can we best be of service to someone who is dying and not “Burn Out”? How to “Be” with someone who’s dying.



Dignity Therapy was developed by Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov to assist people dealing with the imminent end of their lives.

This brief intervention can help conserve the dying patient's sense of dignity by addressing sources of psychosocial and existential distress. It gives patients a chance to record the me aningful aspects of their lives and leave something behind that can benefit their loved ones in the future




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Esse Institute : Dr. Virginia Seno teaches clinicians, clergy, hospice and palliative care teams, students and lay people how to talk about death and dying, to become more comfortable in end-of-life encounters and to be better at meeting the needs of patients, families and the bereaved.





FIERRO'S FOUR R's: A Tool for Surrogate Medical Decision-Making

Download your free copy here.  This quide will assist you in making medical decisions for your loved one or friend. This can also be used to assist family members in trying to develop an understanding of what their loved one would have wanted, if they had been able to communicate those directions.











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GRAVE MARKERS  (Headstones)


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HEADSTONES (Grave Markers)






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INSURANCE  (Term Life)

Insurance  (Death benefit/burial)

Insurance  (Disability - Long-Term Care)


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The Last Visit - A Resource for Learning, Discussing and Preparing

What is The Last Visit?

On an informational level this blog is a resource center around death and dying. On a personal level it is a place to explore, learn, and provide resources on creating a peaceful and easy passage 



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This link will take you to the official government website that has information on donating your organs, or the those of a loved one, to help make the lives of so many others better. We STRONGLY encourage you to become an organ donor. It is one way of turning death directly into life!!


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POLST (Free form)

This link will take you to the official POLST website.  You can see if your state has an established POLST program.


PSAS (Personal Self-Assessment Scale) Free form. Download your free copy here


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Sacred Dying- An organization devoted to vigil training and the creation of sacred and peaceful dying experiences




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