It's OK to Die™ - Kindle

It's OK to Die™ - Kindle

"It's OK to Die™™™" is a ground-breaking book filled with stories straight out of the Emergency Room illustrating how most Americans are completely unprepared for death. In response, the authors have created a unique and comprehensive guide urging EVERYONE to prepare in advance, to assure their own peace and to prevent the suffering of their loved ones. In "It's OK to Die™™™" you will find a wealth of information including: insights into the process of dying, guidance for obtaining emotional and spiritual closure, clear explanations of end-of-life medical treatment options, new tools for making medical decisions, the "how-to's" of legal paperwork, and numerous other action steps to take so that when "your time" comes (and it will), it will be ok to die.

Finally, the book contains a call to the nation: to openly discuss death and dying in the public arena, to reconsider "how we die" in our culture, and for politicians to lay aside differences and pass legislation that will:

Reduce suffering among those facing death

Reduce depression among surviving family and friends

Reduce theĀ federal budget

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