The Lovely Life and Incredible Death of a “Woman’s Best Friend”

Friday, 12 Jul 2013 15:23

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Olivia Bareham created this wonderful video tribute in memory of the “lovely life and incredible death” of her best friend…

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6 thoughts on “The Lovely Life and Incredible Death of a “Woman’s Best Friend”

  1. Rea

    It’s beautiful, tender and loving. No doubt about that. Animals are my Achilles heel. Therefore can’t write about it, but it’s a wonderful tribute to a life way too short. Don’t we all wish our animals would live forever…for the rest of our lives?? Videos like this may be a way. So hard to let go. — Touching. Brought tears…and sympathy… Just hug the ones still left behind and be grateful for every day.

    1. Rea

      By the way, what a great compliment to Dr. Murphy’s article on Disruptive Technologies. Read that article first. Then watch this video. The combination makes both look even more amazing!!

  2. Bonnie

    What a beautiful memory of a wonderful friend, companion and loved one. Brought many memories back of the final gift we gave our poodles. I often wish we could be so kind to humans.

  3. regina mcnamara

    How amazing and so timely! Our 11-year-old golden Casey is on home hospice now, after suddenly discovering metastasized cancer all through her. Unwilling to simply “put her down” during vet office hours, we elected to take her home and with the help of a home visiting vet, are keeping her comfortable and as happy as she can be. We do this for our human clients, why not do it for a beloved dog who brought so much joy to so many of our elder clients?
    Thank you, thank you, and special thanks to your beautiful departed Otis. Casey and I are watching it over and over. What a wonderful gift!

    1. Olivia

      Oh My! I only just read your lovely note to my little tribute to Otis…so sorry to hear about your beloved Casey and so touched by your courage to do ‘Pawspice’ – I did this too for Otis…at the end, it seemed like he needed a little help, so the vet came and gave him a sedative and pain medication, and he died on his own in my arms. It is very difficult for me to cannot support euthanasia, I understand completely why people do, it’s agony to watch a pet in pain, but with the proper pain meds like we do for humans, there is no need to do this. I was so happy to hear of your choice to care for Casey, and hope all is going gently with her transition. How fortunate we are to have loved and be loved by these incredible creatures. My love pours out to you…Olivia


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