“Teach us to number our days” that we may discover what matters most, by Monica Williams-Murphy, MD

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2015 02:13

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Advance planning is ultimately a spiritual practice. It requires that we face ourselves. It requires that we “number” our days.

It is precisely when we number our days, that we may suddenly discover what matters most…..

…as if a secret gift of grace has been opened. Fresh perspective may be
granted. You see, moments become particularly precious when viewed from their end.

Conversely, wisdom from my teacup may carry equal power:


Yet perhaps we should in fact do both:

count our days AND make our days count

“that we may gain a heart of wisdom” and the secret of what matters most.


Tired of my riddles? Me too!

Follow this simple “to do” list to expand your wisdom and to know what matters most to you:

-Make your days count with your bucket list.

-Count your days with advance planning.

-Then, enjoy the rest of your life!

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One thought on ““Teach us to number our days” that we may discover what matters most, by Monica Williams-Murphy, MD

  1. Rea

    Lovely! Said with humor and devotion. It sounds so simple. It isn’t. “It requires that we face ourselves.” Yes, and precisely that is one of the most complicating factors!! If we can do that, the remainder is so much easier… In the company of others as well as alone, we can do most anything. Interdependent as well as independent. Good lists! Life is lighter when plans are made…


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