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(If you are not religious or are atheist, please do not be dissuaded from reading this article by the title:)

We just had a member of our congregation die relatively unexpectedly. He was in his early 50s and a father of 6. (That’s a big equation.)

My religious job is to teach our youth (teenager) Sunday School class, when I am not working in the ER or traveling to lecture. So, in this regard, today was like most other Sundays- I had gotten up early to prepare my lesson for the day. The problem was, the lesson wasn’t relevant for the day…meaning the death of this man was on everyone’s mind, and two of his children were in my class. Continue reading


I know an elderly gentleman.  He is 85 years old.  He is a physician, and he is my friend.  One day, he joked about his mother.  She died 60 years ago.    He said with a slightly wry smile, “I think I’m over it!”  He isn’t.  He knows it.  I know it.  And he knows that I know.  He likes that.  It is our special secret. Continue reading

Anger and the Caregiver by Rea Ginsberg

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2013 00:16

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Anger is one very difficult subject for the caregiver to face – to discover and discuss.  It is a socially unacceptable emotion in general.  However, dying disrupts the routines of daily living.  It disrupts not only the desired and comfortable routines of behavior.  It disrupts emotional routines as well.  Suddenly, new routines are required in caring for the loved one who is dying.  New feelings also spring up.  There they are, unwanted, unwelcome, confusing, but present anyway.  Something must be done with these feelings.  How?  What?  Anger is a frequent answer.  It is spontaneous and impulsive and perhaps frightening to the caregiver.  Nevertheless, it is entirely human. Continue reading