On the Importance of the Past by Rea L. Ginsberg, LCSW-C, ACSW, BCD

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Study the past if you would define the future.  (Confucius)

This could not have been a better time to demonstrate the significance of the past and its presence in our lives.  Passover!  Easter!  The stories must be remembered and told, regardless of the pain.  They matter.  They make a difference in the way we live.  They have the power to deeply influence our future.  They belong to our very survival.  They have changed the course of mankind and the quiet/silence of the individual soul.  They teach us that no one is condemned to be a failure, and human dignity resides in each of us.  They show us hope in the midst of despair and the importance of never giving up.  They tell us that we can refuse to be defeated.  They point the way to compassion and a shared moral life.  That is what the past can do for the now and future Self.  The past is transformative.  It just takes an act of courage to face the fear of memory.

From the “dead” past comes new life — which means that the past never died at all.

Spring renewal and freedom heal.  Looking back is easier then.*


*  An earlier version of this “short take” was posted as a Comment on the blog of Monica Williams-Murphy, MD, here: .

Much gratitude to Rabbi Lord Jonathan H. Sacks, PhD, for the persistent eloquence and hopefulness of his writings.  I have dipped into that rich pool often and joyfully, even here.  His wisdom informs us all.



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Rea Ginsberg is a retired director of social work services, hospice coordinator, and adjunct professor of clinical social work.  She can be reached on LinkedIn and on Twitter @rginsberg2.




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5 thoughts on “On the Importance of the Past by Rea L. Ginsberg, LCSW-C, ACSW, BCD

  1. Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy Post author

    Once again, Rea calls us to ever higher ground! These spring holidays do indeed call us to renewal AND remembering- together a powerful opportunity for growth and self-transformation. THANK YOU REA!

    1. Rea

      Thank you, Dr. Murphy, for huge support and encouragement! And yes, these spring holidays bring opportunities for much growth – within oneself and in important relationships. — Thank you!!!

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    1. Rea

      Thank you so much, Elaine! Found your lovely and interesting comment in group on LI. Much appreciation! There, my comments follow your own…


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