Life Story of a Jinja Hospice Patient

Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013 04:50

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M. J., a 14 year old Ugandan girl, is one of 5 Ugandan children orphaned by the death of both parents from HIV/AIDS.  M. J. suffered greatly from her parents’ death and from being separated from her 4 siblings after taken in by her maternal aunt. a peasant farmer, and her siblings’ going to live with other relatives. After moving to her aunt’s home. M. J. who had been completely healthy, developed a painful rash on her right upper arm and was found to be HIV positive. She was taken to a local clinic, but the treatment she received did not help her.

After this diagnosis M. J.’s aunt rejected and persecuted her by not allowing her to go the school and isolating her from the family, not feeding or clothing her.  M. J. was at the mercy of neighbors to meet her basic needs when a community volunteer from an outreach site for center for Hospice Jinja, found her in severe pain and  extremely hopeless.

M. J. condition had deteriorated with the development of painful ulcerated herpes zoster, Kaposis’s sarcoma, a disease causing skin lesions resulting from HIV, dehydrated, weeping, and unable to sleep from a burning pain and a serious cough.

M. J.’s treatment at Hospice Jinja began April 27, 2012, with morphine for pain management and other necessary medications. The hospice intervened on M. J.’s behalf socially as well as medically after she ran away from her aunt’s home. Through a home visit Jinja staff attempted to counsel M. J.’s aunt on how to resolve their differences and care for M. J. Although the aunt wasn’t home, the trip revealed to the hospice staff that M. J. was walking nearly 16 miles to reach the hospice for her treatments which explained her unusual weariness and hunger upon arrival.

Sovereign Wings of Hope, the parent organization of Hospice Jinja, has found sponsorship for M. J. at a girl’s Primary School. The Hospice team visits her twice a month at school to take her medication supplies, and M. J. is now pain free. M. J.’s life has changed dramatically from hopelessness to renewed life and health. Great thanks go to the Hospice Jinja team and the donors to Sovereign Wings of Hope, whose support to the local clinics make it possible to support girls like M.J, demonstrating Christ’s love tangibly to their point of  need.

This story was submitted by Daniel Situka, a Chaplain at Vitas Healthcare.

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  1. Rea

    Wow! Thank you for the story, Daniel Situka! (Nice to hear from you, by the way!) The story needs to be told and told… Wings of Hope and its Jinja Hospice sound like true lifesaving organizations. Clearly, we need more like this! How fortunate that the story has a happy ending. However, how many more M.J.’s are waiting in the wings for Jinja salvation? Excellent effort, beautifully told, ready for wide reception and support! Best of luck in your service to those in such dire need. — Here’s hoping that M.J.’s life is long, pain-free/healthy, and satisfying. May all Jinja’s patients achieve the same results.


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